Safety information risk analysis for rail transport system environments

Singlar is developing the project “SIRENA-RT: Security Information Risk Analysis for Rail Transport Systems Environments”, funded by IVACE through its 2020 SME R&D Projects program (PIDI-CV) (with file number IMIDTA/2020/90) and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The objective of the project is to develop a solution that detects threats and incidents in real time in industrial environments in the railway sector. Its mission is to identify patterns of different types of attacks and threats in the networks where the platform is deployed. First, the standard behavior of the IoT device network (Smart Network) is determined, and then anomalies are detected based on the patterns of these standard behaviors of the devices in specific railroad environments, being able to model, from the platform, each device according to the taxonomy of the railway sector: e.g. electrical systems, signaling, sensorization, braking system, power supply, ventilation… and according to the model of industrial device.

The differentiating functionalities and new features of the new product are as follows:

  • Semantic security applied to the operating environment.
  • Business information associated with the OT network.
  • New functionalities for industrial cybersecurity probes.
  • Application of BI (Business Intelligence) techniques for decision making.
  • Interaction with each profile that requires information from the platform in its most natural language.

The SIRENA-RT project has a duration of 20 months, and has a non-refundable grant of 65,150.10 €.