Response multitenant user security behavior analysis tool for SMB environments

Singlar develops the project “UAB_SOAR_PYMEs: Multitenant tool for user response security behavior analysis for SME environments”, funded by IVACE through its SME Innovation Projects (INNOVA-CV) 2020 program (with file number IMINOD/2020/161), and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).



The solution consists of developing a tool that allows companies to model the behavior of users (especially employees) according to the activity they carry out on the network, both individually and from their computers. It also allows to have a user risk map, and based on it to detect anomalies to prevent incidents before they occur, also providing the IT manager who must respond to a threat, tools that allow a quick and effective action.

The platform consists of a wizard to model the behavior of each user (applications used, patterns of use, commands executed, etc.), and with machine learning techniques, as well as a wizard to create specific use cases that feed this machine learning, detect anomalies in users (different applications than usual, different patterns in their use -IP origin, schedule, sequence, or different commands executed).

The UAB_SOAR project has a duration of 19 months, and has a non-refundable grant of 43,672.75 €.