Development of an innovative solution for secure cloud storage management

Singlar completed the project “SafeCloudManager: Storage solution with extended and advanced functionalities for information security”, funded by IVACE through its 2019 SME Innovation Projects (INNOVA-CV) program (with file number IMINOD/2019/113) and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

As a result of the project, Singlar, a company specialized in Cybersecurity and with competences in the protection of all types of industry and critical infrastructure, has developed a solution for the secure management of cloud storage that incorporates advanced security measures, beyond the current standards of traditionally available market platforms.

The “SafeCloud” solution can be fully managed and configured in the DICAT dimensions of security and can be adapted and deployed in the contexts of each customer without having to conform to the “standards” of the manufacturers and, therefore, offers a managed and fully satisfactory security for these environments.

The differentiating functionalities of the new product lie in offering aspects necessary for secure platforms that are not found in current solutions:

  • Connection to security information and event management (SIEM) and analysis tools.
  • Connection with encryption tools with customized configuration capabilities.
  • Incorporation of advanced authentication factors, such as OTP, in case they are not available.
  • KASB techniques (Machine Learning – detection of anomalous situations, anti-phishing).
  • Secure file sending functionality.
  • Protected backups.

Development of an innovative solution for secure cloud storage management.