Previous experience of Singlar in R+D+i projects

Singlar completed the project “SmartPortProtect: Development of cyber threat detection platform in IoT ecosystems deployed in SmartPorts (Smart Ports).”, funded by IVACE through its 2018 R&D Projects for SMEs (PIDI-CV) program (with file no. IMIDTA/2018/115) and co-financed by FEDER.


As a result of the project, Singlar, a company specialized in Cybersecurity and with competences in protection of all types of industry and critical infrastructure, has developed its own platform for real-time detection of threats and incidents in IoT environments of SmartPorts (Smart Ports), being its mission to detect patterns of different types of attacks and threats in the networks where these IoT repositories are deployed. In this way, the platform evaluates the standard behavior of the IoT devices network (Smart Network), to detect anomalies based on standard behavior patterns of these devices in specific Port environments, being able to model, from the platform, each device according to the SmartPort taxonomy: e.g. smart living, Smart environment… and according to the IoT device model.

This tool also applies artificial intelligence (Machine Learning techniques specific to SmartPorts to create patterns of behavior of IoT devices specific to that environment) in order to detect the technologies used in the infrastructure and help model the monitored architecture, detecting “anomalous behavior” outside these patterns.

The platform integrates the following features:

  • Application in specific environments: SmartPorts.
  • Support of multiple IoT communication protocols in SmartPort environment.
  • Auto-discovery of IoT environment assets.
  • Advanced inventory of assets discovered or entered by the administrator.
  • Behavioral learning of the IoT network.
  • Integration of static anomaly detection rules.
  • Ability to add environment-specific detection rules.
  • Integration via SYSLOG or JSON with correlation systems such as SIEMs or ticketing tools.
  • User support for permissions management and access control.
  • Risk analysis of the port environment for modeling of assets, threats and actions in case of materialized risks.

The SmartProtect project has had a duration of 15 months, concluding in June 2019 and has received a non-refundable grant of 41,232.00 €.