May 2021 - Singlar Innovación

Response multitenant user security behavior analysis tool for SMB environments

Singlar develops the project “UAB_SOAR_PYMEs: Multitenant tool for user response security behavior analysis for SME environments”, funded by IVACE through its SME Innovation Projects (INNOVA-CV) 2020 program (with file number IMINOD/2020/161), and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).     The solution consists of developing a tool that allows companies to model the


Transform safety-critical cyber-physical sytems into distributed solutions for end-users and partners

International project approved by the Horizon 2020 Program, within the ECSEL Joint Undertaking initiative of the European Union, with funding in Spain from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation. The consortium is led by PHILIPS and integrated by a total of 30 entities participating companies, research centers and universities from the Netherlands, Germany,


Safety information risk analysis for rail transport system environments

Singlar is developing the project “SIRENA-RT: Security Information Risk Analysis for Rail Transport Systems Environments”, funded by IVACE through its 2020 SME R&D Projects program (PIDI-CV) (with file number IMIDTA/2020/90) and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The objective of the project is to develop a solution that detects threats and incidents in